“The Unit” Finalists Break Down In Tears After Watching A Special Video

The finalists’ parents sent heart touching video messages to all of their children who are pursuing their dreams.

The Unit finalists sobbed as their parents appeared in a special video right before their final stage.

“When I think about what you went through, I feel like crying.” — Daewon’s mother

The parents cheered them on, knowing that their children weren’t pursuing a career, they were pursuing their dreams.

“You’re so cool as a singer and when I see you it makes me so happy. I know how hard you work so keep it up!” — Timoteo’s mother

They apologized for doubting them at times…

“I always used to say to you without thinking, ‘What are you doing?’ I know that hurt you and what I said was wrong. You’re always on my mind. I am forever going to be a fan and I really hope you will continue to do well in the future.” — NC.A’s mother

But ultimately wanted them to know that they will achieve their dreams one way or another!

“We want to send our daughter a healing video. When you sing, the song shines brightly. Someday, surely your day to shine in this world will come.” — Suzy’s parents

The participants were even more shocked when their parents appeared on stage after the videos finished. By this time, everyone was sobbing!

Watch the parents’ heart touching videos below:



Source: Herald Pop