The Winner Of New Reality Show Gets To Date A Celebrity

The winner gets to date an idol.

Yang Hyun Suk and YG Entertainment are preparing for a new survival audition program,The Last Bride, modelled after a dating show. The show’s goal is to discover rookie actors and actresses with potentials by putting them through a variety of acting challenges.

The program will be produced by Choi Hyo Jin, who produced Mnet’s Show Me The Money.

They will be competing for a chance to go on a date with a top actor or actress from YG Entertainment, which includes Kang Dong WonLee Sung Kyung, Nam Joo HyukChoi Ji Woo and more!

“We’re currently considering several different directions, so we haven’t really decided on anything yet. However, we plan to focus on a dating format. Specific details regarding air date and filming schedule have not been determined yet because we’re only in the planning stages right now. We are open to the possibility of having celebrities from other agencies as well and not just YG Entertainment.”

— Choi Hyo Jin

Source: Insight