The8 Will Stop Promoting With SEVENTEEN Until He Recovers From His Back Problems

Pledis Entertainment just announced that The8 will be taking a break from all SEVENTEEN activities because of his continuing back pain.

He had taken a break back in November but returned to promote earlier than the doctor recommended.

His back pains have returned, so he will be taking a break to fully recover.

Read Pledis’s full statement on The8’s situation below.

“Hello. This is Pledis Entertainment.

We would like to update the fans about SEVENTEEN The8’s domestic schedules.

First, we’d like to thank everyone who loves and supports SEVENTEEN, and we’re sorry that we have to report some unfortunate news once again.

The8 wanted to promote with the other members for their 2nd full album, so he performed on music shows while getting treatment on the side. But we value The8’s health and recovery foremost. So after discussing with his doctors, we decided that it’s more important to get focused treatment than continuing with his activities.

In order to protect The8, we will be halting all activities and put his health and speedy recovery as first priority. He won’t be attending any of the pre-arranged schedules and focus only on his health.

SEVENTEEN will promote as a 12 member group on broadcast shows, fan signing, and more until The8 is able to return.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience the fans may feel with this news. We will do our very best to get The8 fully recovered to meet his fans again.

We ask for the fans’ understanding and support.

Thank you.”

— Pledis Entertainment

Source:  Sports MK