These Are The Current Top 10 Contestants on Produce 101

The current rankings as of episode 3 of Produce 101 Season 2 has been revealed!

After the first two episodes, the rankings of the Produce 101 contestants shifted after viewers of the show got a better glimpse of each trainee’s talents and cast their votes.

By episode 3, the trainees had already undergone both the first round of evaluations and video re-evaluations before starting group battle evaluations. Soon after, the official rankings of the contestants were revealed.

Maroo Entertainment‘s Park Jihoon, who went viral before the show started and ranked first since the first episode, continues to remain on top.

Here are the current top 10 contestants for the official rankings:

1. Park Jihoon (Maroo Entertainment)

2. Lee Daehwi (Brand New Music)

3. Samuel Kim (Brave Entertainment)

4. Ong Sungwoo (Fantagio)

5. Ahn Hyeongseob (Yuehua Entertainment)

6. Joo Haknyeon (Cre.ker Entertainment)

7. Lai Guanlin (Cube Entertainment)

8. Jang Moonbok (ONO Entertainment)

9. Yoon Jisung (MMO Entertainment)

10. Bae Jinyoung (C9 Entertainment)

BONUS: Jung Sewoon (Starship Entertainment) is ranked at 11!

Source: Mnet