Three Men Under The Influence of LSD Arrested In A Camping Site in Korea

LSD’s hallucinogenic effects are many times more potent than cocaine and methamphetamine!

Three Korean Men in their thirties were arrested for being under the influence of drugs and creating disturbances within a campsite in Ulsan.

According to UBC Ulsan Broadcasting, around 5:30 PM on August 21, three men at a camping site in Ulsan exhibited abnormal behavior while walking around the campsite. One of the men took off his shirt, strolled around the camp barefoot, repeatedly went into and out of a flower bed, and then sat down on the street. Eventually, he lay down on the ground.

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Around the same time, 300 meters away, an SUV with two men inside was driving out of the campsite with the back door open. The car fell into a ditch shortly after.


The campsite manager testified that the men’s behavior was strange; they were yelling and laughing with their pupils wide open. Campsite staff and campers also shared that these men’s behavior differed from being merely drunk and reported them to the police. They were arrested shortly after.

| VIDEO MUG/Youtube

It was later disclosed that the three men took a psychotropic drug known as LSD, a narcotic drug with hallucinogenic effects 100 times that of cocaine and 300 times that of methamphetamine.


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