[★TRENDING] Throwing water into someone’s face like in K-dramas may leave you with an assault charge

You may have had your share of several Korean dramas where characters have thrown water into their enemy’s faces, but did you know that in the real world, you could be punished by law with assault charges if you splash water into someone’s face?

On June 6th, the Seoul Central District Court ruled that a housewife referred to as “A”, who was indicted with an assault charge, be punished with a fine of 700,000 Korean Won ($629.04 USD).

“A” was first indicted with the assault charge back in June 2013 after she had filled a paper cup up with water and threw it into the face of her realtor, referred to as “B”.

Both “A” and “B” had been involved in a minor quarrel regarding rent and management expenses before “A” grew upset that “B” was not listening to her and threw the cup of water into “B’s” face. It was revealed that another employee in the realty office tried to stop the angered housewife, but she went back to the water fountain to fill up another paper cup before splashing it at the this employee as well.

In regards to her assault charges, “A” had claimed that she had only thrown the water into the two realtors’ faces out of self-defense from the unjust treatment she had received from them and argued that her actions were not going against any social regulations or rules.

However, the Seoul Central District judge did not accept “A’s” appeal and stated, “Judging by the evidence in hand, ‘A’ had deliberately conducted an act of harm and violence. Therefore, the actions made cannot be viewed as corresponding to socially accepted behavior.

Many netizens have also shown support for the ruling of the case, agreeing that the action of throwing water at someone’s face should be considered a crime.

[+3880, -308] Women are under some kind of delusion that it’s a woman’s right to be able to chuck water at someone’s face because they see women doing it all the time in the dramas and can’t differentiate TV vs reality.

[+2716, -41] How could she possibly go around doing whatever the heck she feels like doing and then claim and she’s innocent? Having water thrown in your face would be so infuriating. I think this was an acceptable ruling…

[+2166, -64] Why aren’t the dramas with scenes like this being censored or reviewed before being broadcasted?

[+1535, -72] What about if you put the water in your mouth and spit it at them?

[+1148, -121] So basically, the court’s ruling pretty much means that as long as you have the money, you can still throw water at people’s faces.

What are your thoughts?

Source: Yonhap