Tiffany & Co. CEO Brags To BTS’s Jimin About ARMYs

He was truly the main event!

BTS‘s Jimin is already making a huge impact for luxe jewelry and specialty design house Tiffany & Co., and they know it.

In March, Jimin was named the new House ambassador for Tiffany & Co., just a couple of months after his 2023 Paris Fashion Week debut, in which he made his first public appearance as Dior’s global ambassador.

Previously, Jimin was awarded “top influencer” for this event, thanks to Lefty. Jimin’s Instagram posts for Dior created $17 million USD in EMV (earned media value, a metric used to determine the value of a social media post).

So, it should be no surprise that Jimin’s impact is reaching Tiffany & Co. now too.

Jimin is among the many celebrity guests and House ambassadors attending the grand re-opening of Tiffany & Co.’s historic flagship store, “The Landmark,” on Fifth Avenue in New York. For nearly four years, it has undergone renovations.

The festivities have been well underway. Tiffany & Co.’s CEO and President Anthony Ledru and EVP of product and communications Alexandre Arnault both participated in the ribbon-cutting ceremony along with Israili actress Gal Gadot.

Jimin arrived later, but knowing he would be there, ARMYs eagerly awaited his arrival. So, they have been patiently waiting at the entrance.

American actor Dylan Sprouse, who arrived at the event earlier today with his girlfriend, Hungarian model Barbara Palvin, went viral for reassuring ARMYs. He walked by the crowd, saying, “Guys, don’t worry; Jimin is coming, okay?

It appears everyone in attendance was well aware of who everyone was really there to see because later, Tiffany & Co.’s CEO and President Anthony Ledru made a comment about the ARMY too.

From left: Alexandre Arnault, Gal Gadot, and Anthony Ledru | @tiffanyandco/Instagram

It was certainly worth the wait for Jimin because he looked absolutely breathtaking when he arrived! We were all in awe of him. Jimin truly proved to be the main event.

CEO and President Anthony Ledru recognized the star of the show. When he greeted the K-Pop idol, he bragged to Jimin about how ARMYs had been waiting outside.

If Ledru’s comment wasn’t sweet enough, Jimin’s proud yet sweet grin spoke so many loving words to ARMY!

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