Sunmi And Tiffany Young Shares Great Advice With The Participants Of “Girls Planet 999”

Tiffany and Sumi are the best “K-Pop Masters” for the job!

A press conference was held on August 5 for Mnet’s new survival program Girls Planet 999 where the show’s “K-Pop Masters” Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany and Sunmi shared some wise words to the contestants.

For those who haven’t heard of the show, Girls Planet 999 is a female survival program that focuses on contestants from Korea, China, and Japan as they follow their dreams of becoming idols! The journey of each of the competitors will all go down in the imaginary world named “Girls Planet.”

The host of the show, actor Yeo Jin Goo commented that he chose to participate in the program because he feels he can share great advice with the contestants.

I can sympathize from the viewers’ point-of-view, and as someone who has been assessed in front of a lot of people, I think I can give (the contestants) realistic advice and sympathize with them.

— Yeo Jin Goo

As for the K-Pop Master’s, Tiffany conveyed how she hopes the participants can understand that everyone makes mistakes and to move past them.

I hope you could discern between mistakes and failures. It’s natural to make mistakes as a human being, as a woman, and as an artist. You can grow from it. I hope you will not be afraid of making mistakes.

— Tiffany

Sunmi also advised the contest to always reflect on themselves and to stay humble. As someone who will be making others happy through their talents, Sunmi shared it’s important to stay grounded.

In the end, it is essential to be humble and not conceited. You can grow into an amazing person by looking back on yourself. Right now, this may not be a trick to becoming successful, but we’ll be doing things that make people happy for a long time. I hope you will grow up with this kind of mentality.

— Sunmi

With K-Pop masters such as Tiffany and Sunmi, surely the contestants will make the right choices and do amazing! The show is set to air on August 6 at 8:20 p.m. KS.

Source: News 1