A Tiny Detail In BTS Jungkook’s Photo Folio Teaser That ARMYs Might Have Missed

He’s a creative genius and an OT7 enthusiast.

On August 12, Jungkoook of BTS stopped the internet with his concept pictures for his photo folio that will be released on his birthday, September 1.

So far, BTS’s official Instagram account has posted two concept teasers- Mood ‘Day’ teaser and Mood ‘Inner Self’ teaser. The photos are being posted in a way that will eventually spell out “Me, Myself, & Jungkook,” which is the name of the pictorial project.

| @bts.bighitofficial/Instagram

While fans were busy marveling at the visuals and creativity of Jungkook, one eagle-eyed ARMY noticed that the “&” in the ‘Inner Self’ teaser is designed to look like a ‘7.’

Previously, Jungkook’s candid confession about missing his members in his solo vlog also made ARMYs emotional about his love for his hyungs. This gesture once again proved how much BTS value their bond with each other.