Top 10 “Most Likely To Have Received Good Sex-Ed” Celebrities Chosen By Netizens

These 10 celebrities seem to be well informed about sexual education.

A recent (and slightly hilarious) poll held by DC Inside asked K-netz which Korean celebrities’ seem to have received a proper sexual education. They were asked to vote on which adjective between “neat, shining, sensible, clever, cheerful, and bright” best suits the celebrity, which seems to be a factor in their “well-educated” image.


10th – Taeyeon (0.9%)


9th – Wendy (1.3%)


8th – RM (1.4%)


7th – Kang Ha Neul (1.4%)


6th – Cha Eunwoo (1.4%)


5th – Han Ji Min (3.8%)


4th – Park Bo Gum (4.6%)


3rd – Lee Seung Gi (24.0%)

Lee Seung Gi was also picked #1 for having a “shining” image.


2nd – Eric Nam (24.9%)

Eric Nam was picked #1 for having the most sensible image.


1st – U-Know Yunho (33.5%)

Overall, Yunho was also ranked #1 for having a clever, neat, bright, and cheerful personality.

Source: Dispatch