Top Richest 10 Female Idol-Actresses Of 2017

These idols made a ton of money filming movies and dramas in 2017.

10. Sohyun – My Last Love 

Total made yearly: $169,110

Views: 27,414

The story of an overworked, modest Korean dad and his troublesome family’s journey towards loving each other at last.

9. Park Hee Bon – One Day

Image Source: Hancinema

Total made yearly: $1,728,200

Views: 234,829

A man comes to terms with his wife’s suicide after he encounters the spirit of a comatose woman.

8. Seo Hyun Jin – Because I Love You

A successful songwriter turns into a messenger capable of helping others find love after an accident.

Total made yearly: $2,376,046

Views: 324,526

7. Wonder Girl’s Sohee – A Single Rider

A lonely business man who has lost everything, travels to Australia in hopes to find his family.

Total made yearly: $2,513,354

Views: 351,276

6. f(x)’s Sulli – Real

The owner of a huge casino attempts to get rid his split personality as he tries to grow his business with the help of a doctor.

Total made yearly: $3,142,097

Views: 470,107

Image Source: 遠見雜誌

5. Tiny-G’s Dohee – Daddy You, Daughter Me

A once close relationship between father and daughter became weak as the daughter grew up, but a few twists and turns in life bring them back together and onto an emotional rollercoaster.

Total made yearly: $4,730,704

Views: 647,305

4. Gayoon – Daddy You, Daughter Me


3. AOA’s Seolhyun – Memoir of A Murderer

A former serial killer with Alzheimers believes he is the one behind a series of recent murders due to memory lapses, only to realize that he must protect his daughter from her boyfriend.

Total made yearly: $20,004,949

Views: 2,658,589

2. Afterschool’s Nana – The Swindlers

With high stakes, allies from opposite sides of the law must work together in order to trap the world’s most legendary con artist.

Total made yearly: $29,304,679

Views: 4,018,037

Image Source: visualkpop

1. Girls’ Generation’s Yoona – Confidential Assignment

A North Korean and South Korean detective must work together in order to take a down a crime boss.

Total made yearly: $59,694,093

Views: 7,817,631

Image Source: YoonAcity
Source: KoBiz