TREASURE13 Spotted Filming For The First Time Since Debut Postponement

Your ready for YG Entertainment’s newest boy group?

YG Entertainment‘s upcoming boy group, TREASURE13, was spotted filming in public for the first time in months.


Members Junghwan, Mashiho, Yedam, and Jeongwoo were seen in the Namsan Tower, Seoul, on December 20.


The group was bundled up tightly to fight against the December cold.


They still shivered down to their bones at the weather, however, jumping up and down to keep themselves warm.


Despite this, the members still managed to smile brightly as they worked in front of their fans.


Treasure Makers believe that TREASURE13 is completing a shoot for their debut reality show as they were accompanied by numerous cameras and filming crew.


They previously shot with a big crew in Bali, Indonesia…

…Lotte World…

…and Hongdae.

Unfortunately, they paused filming when their debut was postponed in early 2019 after YG Entertainment was accused of multiple scandals.


Fans are undeniably overjoyed that TREASURE13 “breathed” for the first time in months.

They began trending the group’s name on Twitter in multiple countries.


Fans reassured fellow fans that the boy’s debut is in sight.

And better yet, official content might be released in the near future.


TREASURE13 is expected to be making and releasing more content in 2020.