Trevor Noah Under Fire For Allegedly Disrespecting BTS And P1Harmony

“There’s room for someone else to move up in the K-Pop game!”

It seems as if one of the hottest pieces of news in the world was after the announcement that BTS would be focusing on solo music for a while. When the video was first released, many media outlets interpreted the announcement in different ways, to the extent that both HYBE and the members of BTS had to clarify their words.

Members of BTS | @bts_bighit/Twitter

Yet, one person who has recently come under fire for using the news on his talk show is Trevor Noah. In the past, ARMYs have shared their respect for the comedian who interacted with the group during the recent GRAMMYs…

And didn’t have anything but positive words to say about the group when he spoke about meeting them.

On his show, The Daily Show, it wasn’t surprising that the news was mentioned as it’s been the talk of news outlets worldwide.

At the start, Trevor Noah said that most people would prefer to see their parents splitting up compared to BTS. Immediately, ARMY didn’t like the comparison as the group and HYBE has made it clear they are not “splitting” up, which is seen as permanent.

Although he then emphasized that the group would be coming back, it was the next segment that had netizens raise concerns. Trevor Noah then went on to explain that now that BTS was going on “hiatus,” there was room for another group to “move up in the K-Pop game.”

Yet, the next portion made netizens feel that it wasn’t just being disrespected but also fellow idols P1Harmony.

The clip then switched to co-host Michael Kosta, who had gone to visit the training room of the FNC Entertainment group. In the video, the comedian was trying to see if he could make it as an idol.

On the surface, the segment with P1Harmony was funny and showcased all of the members’ personalities when it came to variety shows. It was a comedic sketch that was meant to promote the boy group.

Yet, due to the context, it was used for, it did the opposite and netizens thought it showed the group as trying to be the “next BTS” or improve their fame upon hearing the news. In fact, netizens pointed out that the video had been filmed several months ago when the group was on tour in America.

P1Harmony and Michael Kosta when filming the segment | @P1H_Official/Twitter

When the clip was posted on social media, the comments were flooded with not only BTS and P1Harmony fans but K-Pop fans who were angered at the way Trevor Noah went about the segment.

Many thought it was unnecessary to link the two segments that didn’t connect in any way to try and make K-Pop seem like an industry where only one group can thrive and that it’s a competition to secure that spot.

It isn’t the first time US talk show hosts have come under fire for allegedly disrespecting BTS. Yet, on this occasion, no matter what his intentions, netizens believe the segment has also disrespected P1Harmony and other K-Pop groups.

The Daily Show has yet to respond to the comments by netizens.

Source: @TheDailyShow

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