[★TRENDING] Triplets may not return to the program “Superman Returns”

Both fans and the producer of the Korean reality television program, Superman Returns, are showing concern of the triplets and their father not continuing with the show.

In midst of the confirmation of Lee Dong Gook as the twin’s father on the program, many fans were concerned whether any of the original members would be leaving the show. But the producer of the program, Kang Bong Gyu, has stated that this is “not a situation for any of the original members to leave.”

The PD of the show continued to explain that “there are many speculations that with the addition of Lee Dong Guk, there must be a original cast member leaving but Lee Dong Gook is currently not in the position to join. It is only possible for him if he has a vacation. And I think that in the long-run, it would be difficult for him to be part of Superman Returns.”

Especially with the triplet’s father Song Il Gook still undecided on whether to continue Superman Returns, or be part of the Korean historical drama Jang Yeong Sil is worrying both the fans and the PD himself. In response to this, the producer has stated that “we still haven’t discussed the drama series nor the triplets leaving the show and I am also curious what Song Il Gook will decide.”

He further continued to explain his current thoughts stating, “from our point of view, we really want to continue working with Song Il Gook and the triplets. Not just me but our staff and all of our viewers think the same way. The problem is on what Song Il Gook will decide at the end.”

Source: My Daily