Trot singer Jang Yun Jeong wins debt lawsuit against brother

After pursuing a lawsuit regarding unpaid debt, Jang Yun Jeong successfully won the case against her own brother.

According to the Seoul Central District Court on July 28th, on July 27th semi-trot singer Jang Yun Jeong won her lawsuit against her own brother for not paying back the debt. The case started in March when Jang Yun Jeong lent her brother 500 million won out of the money her mom was taking care of for her. However, the case became complicated after her brother claimed that the money was their mother’s and not the singer’s.

The court decision stated that her brother must “repay all his remaining debt of 320 million won (~3 million USD) to Jang Yun Jeong with an interest rate of 20% a year.”

Source: OSEN