Trump Gave Kim Jong Un His Direct Phone Number

For the first time in a long time, North Korea and the U.S. are opening up communication channels.

Previously, maintaining contact with North Korea was difficult for the United States. It wasn’t just the US, other countries also had trouble keeping in contact with the country. Pyongyang has been known for its unpredictability and their strict efforts in keeping out foreign engagement.

Source: Wired


It wasn’t until January of this year that North Korea actively sought out communication with South Korea that it seemed possible to really establish regular contact with them.

It seemed even more likely that North Korea was open to communication with other nations when they sent a delegation to South Korea for the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics and when the leaders from both Koreas met at their historic summit.


Now the lines of communication have been widened even further. President Donald Trump has given a direct number to Kim Jong Un so the two can call each other whenever they need to.

“I can now call him. I gave him a very direct number. He can now call me if he has any difficulty. We have communication.” — Donald Trump


The news of the new direct line of communication came a few days after the successful meeting between the two leaders, where they signed a joint statement that outlined plans to completely denuclearize the Korean Peninsula for a guarantee of security.

Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump met up for their own historic summit on Tuesday. Photo: Susan Walsh

Although he hasn’t said what the two will talk about, President Trump also mentioned that he would personally call Kim Jong Un on Sunday.


For now, it looks like North Korea is really serious about talking with and establishing better relationships with other nations.

The two leaders reportedly got along well. Photo: Evan Vucci

Source: Yonhap News and Business Insider