The Truth Behind “EXO’s Address” You Can Find On Naver

EXO-Ls should be aware that when they are sending a letter or present to EXO, the address on Naver is actually not their real address.

It is pretty common for fans to send fan letters or small gifts to their favorite idols, and EXO is certainly no exception…

But the easiest found and most upvoted address on Naver for EXO is not at all what it claims to be.

“Where is EXO’s residence?”

“I will let you know. I am a fan and I will let you know what the address is; 998 Daechi 2 dong, Gangnam District, Seoul”

— Naver user

Source: Naver

A quick search on Naver Maps for the aforementioned address, however, reveals that the address actually belongs to the Gangnam Police Station!

The case of mistaken identities apparently started as a prank by EXO-Ls who wanted EXO’s sasaengs to leave the group alone during their free time.

Fans who realized what was happening tried to warn future EXO-Ls and prevent the hardworking police officers of Gangnam from having to deal with hundreds of fan letters to EXO.

“The police officers are complaining about the extra work they had to put in. Let’s stop sending them the letters.”

“That address is the Gangnam police station….. lol “

“A love letter to a police station.”

” I also searched the address, and it is indeed the Gangnam police station.”

Source: Dispatch

Thankfully, the Gangnam Police Station maintained a good humor about the situation.

“We have received numerous fan letters due to this incident. Most of them are harmless fan letters, so it did not take up too much of our time. However, we encourage fans to stop sending letters to this address, as we do not want anyone’s feelings to be hurt when they find out about the address.”

A Representative from Gangnam Police Station

Source: Dispatch