Hit Show “Running Man” Takes Hard Action Regarding Ongoing Malicious Comments Toward Cast Members

Viewers suspect the board’s closure is due to the ongoing hate directed at cast member Jeon So Min.

Production executives of SBS‘s hit TV show Running Man took action today against repeated inflammatory comments on the show’s message board.

Some of the show’s producers updated its official website to reflect their decision to privatize the public message board, stating the closure was due to “malicious comments such as indiscriminate profanity, excessive slander, and impersonation of the cast.”

Viewers of the show and now-former frequenters of the message board suspect that the change was made due to the recent malicious comments toward cast member Jeon So Min. Earlier this year, it was made public that hateful comments were indeed directed at Jeon So Min and that other posts were made on the message board by an individual(s) posing as her.

In response to this, the actress took to her persona Instagram a few weeks ago and made the impersonation incident(s) known to the public.

The post initially included her warning to fans to make sure they were aware of the situation and even included a message directed at the imposter(s) themself.

Please know I am not the one posting [these comments] on the Running Man message board. I really hope this hasn’t caused any misundestandings.

—Jeon So Min

I’d really appreciate it if you would stop impersonating me.

—Jeon So Min

The post’s caption has since been removed and changed to the word “pretty,” likely referring to the sky in the photo.

This past March, Jeon So Min was hospitalized due to health complications and later took a hiatus from her schedules. No official reasons were given for either the hospitalization or the hiatus, but many believe that it was due to stress caused by hate comments made against her on the now-private message board. The malicious comments were even directed at her family, particularly at her brother, who later posted a screenshot of the kinds of messages he received.

Jeon So Min sits next to her brother on an episode of “Running Man.”

The award-winning actress made her television debut with the 2013 drama Princess Aurora as the titular character, a role that earned her the award for Best New Actress at the 32nd MBC Drama Awards. She later made her first appearance on Running Man as a guest in 2014 and was then added as part of the regular cast in 2017. During her time on the show, she was nominated and won several awards for her excellence in the show as well as for her “relationship” with fellow cast member Lee Kwang Soo.

Jeon So Min returned to the show after two months of hiatus appearing to be the same spunky person she was before her departure. The rest of the cast showed, in their ways, how much they missed her presence and seemed to pick right back up where they left off with their spitfire joking.

More information regarding the closure of the show’s message board as well as on Jeon So Min’s well-being after the harassment is still being sought out, and SBSstated that until all necessary information is gathered, no official statements or decisions will be made.

Regardless of how things ultimately turn out, we are happy to see Jeon So Min back on the show and continue to wish her health and happiness throughout all the hurdles she’s facing.

If you missed her return episode, take a look at a few highlights below:

Source: SBS Official Running Man

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