TVXQ Yunho Spotted Looking Deathly Tired, Fans Concerned

“It’s like his soul has left his body.”

TVXQ‘s Changmin and Yunho just got back from their tour in Japan. Their fans were happy to see them home, but when they caught sight of Yunho they were immediately worried about his well-being.


It’s a complete difference from how he normally looks. Take for instance when he left for the Japan tour. He smiled for the cameras and had a sparkle in his eyes.


But this time around he wasn’t smiling, he looked tired and lifeless, and seemed really pale.


Many fans thought he looked exhausted.

  • “He looks tired, but he’s still handsome.”

  • “He looks so tired…”

  • “Japan is not far away but they look tired.”


Others thought he may be sick and wished him a speedy recovery.

  • “I don’t know what to say…”

  • “It looks like his soul has left his body. Please get better soon!”

  • “Please take a rest and get healthy.”


While others were just convinced he looked so tired because of TVXQ’s busy schedule.

  • “Yunho has a really busy schedule…be respectful!”

  • “This picture looks like it was taken by anti-fans. They are super busy. Give them a break!”

  • “TVXQ cheer up! We’re waiting for you!”


With so many fans worrying about him, Yunho is bound to be back to his normal, good-spirited self soon!

Source: The Seoul Economy (1) and (2)