Everyone’s Falling In Love With TWICE Chaeyoung’s Bold New Hairstyle

Is there any hairstyle Chaeyoung can’t pull off?

TWICE‘s Chaeyoung has recently appeared with a shocking new hairstyle and fans are absolutely loving it.


On January 15, 2019, TWICE’s Chaeyoung showed up at the 28th Seoul Music Awards with a brand new hair color: blonde.


While Chaeyoung has colored her hair with bright colors in the past…


This would be the first time she went completely blonde and fans are loving it.


They were simply in awe of how Chaeyoung can possibly look good all the different types of hairstyles she’s done tried so far.

“It’s finally uploaded. After seeing Chaeyoung’s blonde hair I waited the whole day for an Instagram update. She can literally pull off any hairstyle and look good in it. Try everything you want to!”

“2 years ago, she appeared with a short cut at the Golden Disk and stole my heart then she appeared with a medium short cut in this year’s Golden Disk and stole my heart again. Today, she appeared at the SMA with blonde hair and made my heart ache again. She proves at each award ceremony that there is no hairstyle she cannot pull off. How can you not love all of Chaeyoung.”


It wasn’t only Korean fans whose hearts Chaeyoung stole either. International fans are also suffering from various attacks due to Chaeyoung’s blonde charm.


Check out more of Chaeyoung’s new hairstyle below!

Source: Newsen