[★TRENDING] TWICE cheers up Song Ji Hyo at SBS Entertainment Awards

There’s no one better at cheering someone up than JYP Entertainment girl group TWICE

Since the Running Man controversy began two weeks ago, actress Song Ji Hyo has reportedly been having a difficult time. Despite making the decision to return to the show to finish the current season despite serious miscommunication between the staff, it has become clear that Song Ji Hyo has been dealing with a lot of stress lately.

And while she broke into tears later that night following fellow Running Man cast member Lee Kwang Soo taking home a major award at the 2016 SBS Entertainment Awards, fans were glad to see her enjoying her time at the show. In fact, cameras even caught her happily dancing to TWICE’s hit song “TT.” In a recent episode of Running Man, the members taught Song Ji Hyo how to do the point dance for the track, which she was able to pull off flawlessly at the SBS Entertainment Awards during their performance.

Watch the video of Song Ji Hyo happily dancing to TWICE’s “TT” below:

Fellow Running Man cast member Yoo Jae Suk is a huge TWICE fan himself


Also check out a clip of TWICE members TzuyuMina, and Chaeyoung teaming up with Kim Jong Kook to teach Song Ji Hyo how to do the point dance in “TT”: