TWICE’s Dahyun Went To Great Lengths To Prepare Gifts For Fans Attending MBC’s “Idol Star Athletics Championships”

Here are the painstaking things she did for them.

As fans may know, TWICE‘s Dahyun was a special MC for this year’s MBC Idol Star Athletics Championships. Knowing that there will be fans who would personally brave the long filming hours just to see her, she wanted to repay their efforts with a gift.

TWICE’s Dahyun | @dahhyunnee/Instagram

A video showing how she painstakingly prepared curated boxes of skincare for fans was recently released, and it showed just how difficult what she did was! Check out five reasons why below.

1.  She personally picked out products she uses.

The “Talk That Talk” rapper put a lot of thought into the specific products she wanted to buy. Since she endorses A’pieu and personally uses their skincare day and night, she wanted fans to enjoy them as well. She used her own money to purchase everything.

2. She had to place multiple orders one by one.

According to Dahyun, she ordered skincare bundles from the website of the brand she endorses, A’pieu. However, it only allowed her to place up to five individual orders at a time, so she had to go through the effort of checking out multiple times. It was a lot of hard work!

I ordered everything from the A’pieu website. I could only order up to five at a time, so I placed so many individual orders. I did it all by myself.

— Dahyun

3. She placed each product in a box.

Next, Dahyun revealed that she was preparing 30 gifts to give out. That means she needed 30 boxes, 30 paper stuffings, and 30 sets of skincare. It was a long and tedious process, but she didn’t complain at all.

4. She hand wrote 30 letters.

Perhaps the sweetest thing she did, however, was writing personal letters that she poured her heart into. By the time she finished, her hand must have hurt a lot!

5. She finished packing all 30 boxes.

Last but not the least, Dahyun finished up everything by making sure that each box had four A’pieu products and her handwritten letter. She even threw in a rare item: a JYP Entertainment gift bag!

The fans who received Dahyun’s high effort gifts are incredibly lucky. More than anything, she just proved that her love for them is on another level! It’s rare to find someone as thoughtful and sincere as her.

| @dahhyunnee/Instagram

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