TWICE Jeongyeon’s Sister, Actress Gong Seung Yeon Is The Group’s 10th Member

Our favorite unnie!

Did you know TWICE actually has a 10th member?

TWICE | JYP Entertainment

Some may argue it’s Jeon Somi, but it’s really none other than Gong Seung Yeon!

You may recognize Gong Seung Yeon from K-Dramas such as Six Flying DragonsShy Boss, and My Lovely Girl.

Gong Seung Yeon | GQ Korea

She is also the older sister of TWICE’s Jeongyeon!

Jeongyeon (left) and Gong Seung Yeon (right).

It must have been “Bring Your Sister To Work Day” recently because Gong Seung Yeon visited TWICE’s dance practice and filmed a few videos with them.

TWICE uploaded a cute video on TikTok of Gong Seung Yeon participating in the dance challenge for “Talk that Talk” alongside her sister. It’s so sweet seeing the siblings together!


#TalkthatTalk Challenge✌ with #공승연 🐶💕 #TWICE #트와이스 #BETWEEN1and2

♬ Talk that Talk – TWICE

Additionally, they uploaded a video of Gong Seung Yeon with Nayeon and Jihyo.


#TalkthatTalk Challenge✌ with #공승연🐰🦄💕 #TWICE #트와이스 #BETWEEN1and2

♬ Talk that Talk – TWICE

Gong Seung Yeon also did a TikTok with one of her favorite members! These two have a long history of friendship.

And, of course, she did a video with nearly the entire group.

They also snapped a few pics for Instagram! The girls’ visuals are no joke.

ONCEs are loving the “10th member of TWICE!”

While Gong Seung Yeon is a successful actress, she actually was almost a K-Pop idol too.

While Jeongyeon is under JYP Entertainment, Gong Seung Yeon trained under SM Entertainment for seven years after she won a “Best Looks” contest in 2005. In 2012, she departed upon the realization that she didn’t want to be a singer.

f(x)’s Amber Liu (left) and Gong Seung Yeon (right). 

It’s safe to say that talent and beauty run in the family!

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