TWICE Jeongyeon’s Letter From Her 2018 Self Is The Purest Reflection Of Her Friendship With Nayeon

2Yeon is best friendship!

TWICE‘s Nayeon and Jeongyeon have the cutest friendship!

TWICE recently released a video of their trip to Hawaii, and shared a small segment of them reading letters that they had written to themselves a year ago, in 2018. When it was Jeongyeon’s turn, the first line of her letter was like a psychic look into her future:


Im Nayeon is next to you.


And Nayeon was, indeed, sitting right beside her!

After immediately calling Nayeon out for writing that herself in Jeongyeon’s letter, her next sentence showed that it was probably Nayeon who ended up writing the entire letter!

She was the one who wrote that!

Nayeon also wrote, “Jeongyeon, has the condition of your hair improved by now?”



#2Yeon FTW!