TWICE’s Jihyo Reveals What She Does On Her Days Off

Jihyo spends her free time wisely!

TWICE‘s Jihyo just revealed how she spends her days off, and she’s the queen of spending her time well!

Jihyo | @twicetagram/Instagram

In a recent ASMR interview, Jihyo was asked what her days off are like.

“What’s the day off like for Jihyo?” | TWICE/YouTube

Jihyo revealed that she rarely stays home on her days off. When she spends the whole day relaxing at home, she feels like she wasted the whole day.

“On my day off, I rarely stay home. I feel like I wasted the whole day off if I just do nothing and relax.” | TWICE/YouTube

Instead of enjoying a lazy day at home, Jihyo spends her days off doing things she doesn’t get a chance to do when she’s busy.

| TWICE/YouTube 

“I meet my friends, or work out all day, or visit the dermatologist. It’s different every time,” Jihyo shared.

| TWICE/YouTube

Looks like Jihyo is all about being productive, even when she’s off!

Check out Jihyo’s full ASMR interview below.