TWICE’s Rumored MiSaMo Sub-Unit Could Mean The Return Of Songwriter Momo

We’re more than ready for the confirmation.

Fans suspect an upcoming TWICE sub-unit composed of their Japanese line, affectionately nicknamed MiSaMo (Mina, Sana, Momo), and when ONCEs started shouting “MiSaMo” at their recent offline fansign, the girls’ reactions were hinting that the rumor might be a truth.

Another post has been circulating Korean forums lately, spoiling more about MiSaMo’s possible debut. The rumor says their debut will be in November, and their concept will lean heavily towards the performance side. Since Mina and Momo are the main dancers of TWICE and Sana is a very strong dancer as well, there’s no doubt that their debut will be powerful.

The final spoiler is that 5-7 of their songs for their possible debut album will be written by Momo and Sana.

Both Momo and Sana have written multiple songs for TWICE, with Sana having written six and Momo having written five. All of them have been amazing, but there’s something special about Momo picking up the pen again.


Momo hasn’t written a song for TWICE (or at least, none of them that have made it to the last couple of albums) for three years, so fans are super excited for the possible return of songwriter Momo. After all, while she hasn’t written in a while, her pen is mighty, and MTV recognized her power by ranking “Love Foolish” as the #1 best K-Pop B-side of 2019.


Reply to @scrumpdiddlyisious Love Foolish (2019) #twice #트와이스 #fyp #fypシ #kpop #lyricsvideo


It also has over 30 million streams on Spotify, being the second most streamed B-side of TWICE.

If this sub-unit happens and all the rumors are true, there’s no doubt that MiSaMo will take over the world. While we wait for the news of their debut, be sure to check out this article about MiSaMo’s overwhelming charms:

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Source: MTV