TWICE’s Momo Hilariously “Calls Out” Nayeon For Making Fun Of Her—Here’s Why

Momo was shocked at Nayeon’s words!

Recently, TWICE‘s Nayeon cutely poked fun at Momo for being afraid of fireworks, and Momo couldn’t contain her disbelief at Nayeon’s words!

TWICE’s Momo

In a recent behind-the-scenes video of their MV filming for “Alcohol-Free”, the members can be seen filming in Jeju island, looking gorgeous as ever!

They battled the hot sun during the day and freezing weather at night and pushed on with filming the MV, but for some members, there was yet another obstacle: fireworks! In one of the scenes, the TWICE members were surrounded by fireworks as they danced and partied together as a group!

Regarding the scene, Momo revealed how scared she had been the whole time!

It was so scary at first. I thought something would go wrong.


Nayeon looked over at her, and sassily asked her,

Are you a baby?


And Momo couldn’t hide her disbelief at the question! While asking the camera if they filmed this exact moment, she totally exposed Nayeon for screaming even louder than she did!

You made me more scared! You screamed, and I screamed because of that!


Nayeon then hurried to defend herself, saying the screams were of excitement!

I screamed out of excitement!


Despite Nayeon’s many denials, the camera caught Nayeon screaming and hugging Momo in fear multiple times, and bringing her with her when she crouched down as well!

At least they both have each other when they’re scared!

Momo (left) and Nayeon (right)

Watch them bicker about this here!