TWICE Tzuyu prepares to take her high school entrance exam following recent law revisions

TWICE member Tzuyu may be attending high school earlier than expected after recent law revisions has allowed her to take her high school exams sooner than anticipated.

Just this past March, it was confirmed that Tzuyu had passed her middle school graduation exams in Taiwan and would be continuing her education in South Korea. Unfortunately, at that time, she had missed the enrolling season for high schoolers in Korea, making it impossible for her to start her semester this year and would have to wait until next year.

However, with the latest law revisions in the country, JYP Entertainment has revealed that Tzuyu will be taking her high school entrance exams this May, though nothing beyond that has been confirmed.

Tzuyu will certainly be very busy in the next few months as she will not only have exams to prepare for but her girl group TWICE is also gearing up for a comeback on April 25th.

Source: Ilgan Sports