TWICE Tzuyu’s Former Dance Teacher Shares How Proud He Is Of Her

He’s super proud of her!

TWICE‘s Tzuyu is known to be super kind and adorable, and even people from her childhood agree!

On November 6, Tzuyu’s former dance teacher Xie Wen Jie, revealed that he had attended TWICE’s fourth debut anniversary fan meeting in October! He uploaded a picture of him and Tzuyu (dressed in her Maleficent costume) via his Instagram, and expressed his love and pride for his former student!

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主人~~終於帶我出門囉~~~😈(今天不帶烏鴉🐦帶狗狗🐶) 到現在才放合照是因為想說等「嘻遊記」影片剪好在一起放,自己剪自己拍好多問題要解決,但大家今天就可以看到下集「TWICE四週年粉絲見面會的直擊」 很開心一年見一次面,感動還是不減少,之前都只有短短的後台見面時間沒辦法好好聊天,這次我們剛好都有小小空檔,可以好好坐下來吃飯聊天,這次聊天完發現我們都長大了,這種感覺真的很特別,不再是老師與學生關係,更是貼近朋友間的相處,真的很棒,七年還能保持關心跟聯絡真的很開心❤️ 今天晚上六點新影片上架唷,「TWICE 四週年粉絲見面會 下集」這集看完記得分享留言,我會送演唱會週邊商品!❤️❤️❤️ #這次韓國行認識好多好多韓國藝人朋友 #未來都有合作的機會真的超開心 #這些藝人你們都認識但我先保密😄 #完整影片在嘻小瓜Youtube頻道唷 #明年我們不見不散 #努力剪下一支影片 #新歌也快要錄好了

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The caption says,

Master ~~ You are finally taking me out ~~~ (Not taking a crow out today, taking a puppy)

I waited until today to put up our photo because I wanted to upload it together with my video, as there were many issues to be resolved when I’m editing and filming by myself, but everyone will be able to see the second part of “Coverage of TWICE 4th Year Anniversary Fan Meeting” today. 

So happy that our annual meetings are still as touching as before. Previously we only met very briefly backstage so we never got to chat properly. This time we were able to sit down, have a meal and chat. It was discovered through our chat this time around that we have grown up, this feeling is really unique. This is no longer a teacher-student relationship, it’s more like being close friends, the feeling is so good. So happy that we’re able to continue caring for one another and keep in touch after 7 years. 


Tzuyu grew up in Tainan, Taiwan, and learned dance for a while before being casted by JYP Entertainment. Xie Wen Jie has also posted pictures with her before, showing how close they’ve always been!


We’re glad Tzuyu is so loved by everyone in her life!