TWICE’s Sana and GFRIEND’s Eunha could be the cutest mice in the entire universe

G-Friend‘s Eunha and TWICE‘s Sana recently showed off their cute friendship with a short Instagram video.

Captioned “with Angel Sana unnie,” Eunha and Sana appeared as cute as ever greeting their fans using an adorable mouse filter. The short video, which was posted on G-Friend’s official Instagram page, has been viewed over 70,000 times and has received over a thousand comments.

Both TWICE and G-Friend have found incredible success since debuting last year, with each group taking home a rookie of the year award at a major award show. This year, both TWICE and G-Friend also won more than a dozen music show awards and received perfect all-kills with  “Cheer Up” and “Rough,” respectively.

Although they are currently two of the most popular rising girl groups in the Korean music industry, the members of TWICE and G-Friend have shown their fans time and time again that they’re all good friends with each other. With many fans praising their close friendship, the girls should be posting more adorable photos and videos together soon!