TWICE’s Sana Shares Her Thoughts On Tsundere Momo

Tsundere Momo is still the cutest!

TWICE members have the cutest friendship!

On November 6, Sana held a surprise live broadcast where she chatted with fans after their TWICELIGHTS concert in Osaka.

While monitoring fan comments during the broadcast, Sana saw that Momo had left comments for her as well!


Sa-tang, where are youuuu??



Hyuna sunbaenim is so pretty hehe. Mo.


Sa-tang is pretty too


When Sana saw the comments that Momo had left for her, she laughed and said that she’s never seen anyone around her who’s more tsundere than Momo!


A fan then commented, saying,

Momo seems like she’s only a tsundere to Sana


And Sana agreed completely!


TWICE is currently on the Japan leg of their TWICELIGHTS tour.

What do you think of Sana and Momo’s friendship?