TWICE’s Tzuyu Reveals She Wanted To Get A Motorcycle License Once

Can you imagine her pulling up for a schedule on a Yamaha?

TWICE‘s Tzuyu is full of surprises!

On November 4, Tzuyu held a surprise live broadcast during her solo photoshoot schedule for the day.

During the broadcast, she talked about a lot of other things as well, but expressed her sadness at not having a driving license yet. Tzuyu said that she was planning to get a motorcycle license because back in her hometown of Taiwan, everybody mostly rode motorcycles; even her family owned one at home!

But then she said that since everyone in Korea drives cars, it would be dangerous for her to ride a motorcycle in the midst of all the car traffic!

Fans are still excited to see biker Tzuyu one day, especially with how good she looks in a black leather jacket!

Why do you think of Tzuyu on a motorcycle?