“Twitter Crop” Is Gone On Mobile And Fans Are Celebrating With Their Favorite Idols And Memes

Let the full pictures roll in!

“Twitter Crop” is how the social media platform Twitter decides to crop previews of photos that people post. For example, someone may say, “look at how awesome these shoes are!” but the preview will be higher up and show the person’s knees instead of the shoes.

This frustrating feature is now gone on the updated mobile app! Currently, however, it appears that it is still on the computer website, and it is unclear if they will be removing it there as well.

Fans have begun celebrating by posting intricate art, memes, and, of course, their favorite celebrities. The phrase “TWITTER CROP IS GONE” has even begun trending!

Check out the satisfaction!


It now makes it the perfect way to promote idols!

People have also begun testing the limits of the new appearance, and it seems that it is not fully uncropped. However, it is much better than Twitter has had before.

| @luulubuu

Let’s get the memes and art flowing!