Netizens React After Two Iconic Second-Generation K-Pop Idols Have The Most Unexpected Reaction When Reuniting

“I just know they’re gonna gossip about SM Entertainment situation now…”

Netizens couldn’t hide their excitement when two K-Pop idols who used to both be signed to SM Entertainment reunited at a recent event!

While they’re both doing their own thing and have long since left the company, Amber and Jessica‘s recent interactions have netizens full of so much love.

Amber Lui | @amberlui/Instagram
Jessica Jung | @jessica.syj/Instagram

Jessica started her career as part of Girls’ Generation

| SMTOWN/YouTube
| SMTOWN/YouTube

And Amber debuted with the girl group f(x), along with Jessica’s sister Krystal.

| SMTOWN/YouTube
| SMTOWN/YouTube 

While neither is with SM Entertainment anymore, fans were sent into a meltdown after fans revealed that the two had reunited during an event.

On social media, a Chinese fan shared the heartwarming moment when the two reunited. Amber ran straight up to Jessica and gave her a huge hug.

| 廉桥CK/TikTok 

The photos taken by a fan were even cuter as both idols seemingly couldn’t hide their excitement after seeing each other.

When the videos and photos were released, netizens couldn’t get over the reactions between the two idols. The last time the two seemingly reunited was back in 2020 in New York, and netizens loved to see the two back together… without Krystal again!

Even on TikTok, netizens loved seeing the two idols interact in the cutest way. In particular, one comment made netizens LOL as they referred to the recent situation with SM Entertainment, adding that the two stars were probably gossiping about the tea.

Of course, both Amber and Jessica are social butterflies, but it’s always nice for netizens to see them together. In particular, the way they greet each other shows how close they still are.