Two Wild Deer Show Up At A Korean Cemetery… And The Internet’s Reaction Will Leave You Ugly Crying

“What a wonderful surprise…”

On July 27, at the South Korean Daejeon National Cemetery…

Daejeon National Cemetery |

… two wild deer showed up, completely charming the cemetery visitors. One Korean Press, News1, reported on the deer couple’s sunlit picnic day…

Cemetery visitors interacting with the deer.

… capturing the moment in magical pictures like this one:

When the deer’s visit went viral online, Korean netizens simply couldn’t hide their amusement over such beautiful creatures.

Some netizens, whose family and relatives rest in peace at this very cemetery, thanked the deer for coming by…

  • “Please stop by to say hi to my grandfather too! I think he’ll love seeing the deer.”
  • “I looked so hard to see if the deer went by my parents’. This lit up my day.”
  • “Hey, they went to see my grandparents!”
  • “My dad is at that cemetery. I hope he had a chance to see the deer too.”
  • “Grandpa! Did you get a chance to see the deer? I miss you so much, grandpa.”

… and the heartwarming comments now have everyone ugly crying.

  • “This is making me cry. My grandparents are there too. I wonder if they got to see these beauties. What a wonderful surprise.”
  • “Thank you, beautiful creatures… I hope my dad got to see them. I can’t spot his name in the pictures, but still. I know he would’ve loved it.”
  • “How glorious. I hope the spirits there had a peaceful afternoon deer-watching.”

These deer are known as the Korean kkot-saseum (꽃사슴, flower deer) and are similar to sika deer that are native to East Asia. Thanks to their “visuals”, these deer’s name kkot-saseum is actually often used as an endearing nickname to praise gorgeous K-Pop idols!

Source: News1 and THEQOO