TXT’s Soobin Suddenly Remembered They Were Now Under The Same Company As Justin Bieber And Ariana Grande, And He Had The Cutest Reaction

It was so pure!

It was announced that HYBE would be merging with Scooter Braun‘s investment company Ithaca Holdings earlier in the year. With this, it saw a merger of companies with both big K-Pop names and Western musicians! Although some fans had mixed reactions, it seems like some K-Pop idols are excited at the idea, particularly members of TXT!

Recently, Soobin and Hueningkai went live with fans and spoke about everything from Squid Game, their favorite songs, and much more!

TXT’s Soobin and Hueningkai | TXT/ VLIVE

In particular, when they were talking about songs they listen to a lot, Soobin revealed that he’s listening to a lot of Justin Bieber, particularly tracks like “Off my face,” “Love Yourself,” and “Stuck With You,” which is a collaboration with Ariana Grande.


After listing his favorite songs, Soobin asked whether Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande were actually part of HYBE now, and Hueningkai explained that they had.

Soobin still seemed shocked by the idea and couldn’t wait for the time restrictions were eased, and the Western artists could visit them.

We have kind of become one family. It’s so fascinating. I thought that they brought everything, and they’re even going to bring Justin Bieber & Ariana Grande? Is this right?

— Soobin


If that wasn’t cute enough, Soobin then added that if these artists travel to Korea and HYBE, they will get to meet each other. The two members even did some role-play of the possible scenarios.

Soobin: Oh hi Bieber. Hi Ariana.

Hueningkai: Hi Soobin…

Soobin: Oh, hi hi.


If that wasn’t cute enough, after pretending to meet some of his favorite artists, Soobin added, “I want to meet them at least once.”


It isn’t the first time the members have spoken about the merger. During an interview with Eric Nam, Yeonjun revealed how excited he was about the idea of HYBE expanding.

It’s starting to pressure us as well. But in a way, it feels really nice, and we feel blessed, which also leads us to thinking that we should work harder. It feels good in many ways. We’re excited.

— Yeonjun

| DIVE Studios/ YouTube 

During the same interview, Taehyun even explained how much of an influence Justin Bieber had been during his career. They also seem to be big Ariana Grande fans after the group covered her song “Thank U, Next.”

| DIVE Studios/ YouTube

Hopefully, Soobin can meet the artists soon, and fans can see adorable AF interactions between them all! You can watch the whole clip below.

Source: VLIVE