Photos Of TXT’s Soobin In Recent Los Angeles Concert Are Being Called “Legendary”—And We Totally Understand Why

We’re all crazy for Soobin.

TXT‘s Soobin is gaining attention once again for simply being himself.

On July 24, TXT visited Los Angeles for their ACT: LOVESICK world tour. They impressed fans with their singing, dancing, charisma—and unsurprisingly—their handsome looks.

TXT | @txt_bighit/Twitter

Soobin in particular has become a hot topic in online communities for his photos during the soundcheck. This pre-concert exclusive interaction with fans was the perfect place to see him casual and up close.

Soobin | @namuclouds/Twitter

His smooth skin, symmetrical features, and toned physique were emphasized in the fan-taken photos. Netizens commented that he’s “seriously handsome,” “crazy hot,” and “legendary.”

They also complimented him for having a so-called “actor’s face” which alludes to how he’s widely accepted to be good looking: “Amazing, I can see why so many people said he looks like an actor…he has that vibe.”

Held in the Microsoft Theater, MOAs who attended TXT’s concert were able to see Soobin’s sweet smile up close.

They were even gifted with a sly wink that was anything but forgettable.

With the other members by his side, their visual combinations were explosive.

| H Chiu/YouTube 

When it comes to talent, personality, and looks, TXT never disappoints!

| H Chiu/YouTube  
Source: Twitter, Pann and YouTube