TXT’s Yeonjun Will Not Be Attending This Event, Due To His Health

He must refrain from public appearances for the time being.

Big Hit Entertainment has announced that TXT’s Yeonjun will not be participating in an upcoming event.


On September 6, the company informed MOA that Yeonjun has contracted conjunctivitis (“pink eye”), despite precautions taken to prevent the infection. SoobinTaehyun, and Huening Kai were all previously diagnosed with the same, highly contagious condition.


As a result, Yeonjun will not be performing at the 29th Tokyo Girls Collection 2019 Autumn/Winter event. Yeonjun will be restricted from attending public schedules until his conjunctivitis has completely cleared up.


Fans are now sending Yeonjun well-wishes, hoping that he will recover quickly and get all the rest he needs.


Read Big Hit Entertainment’s statement below: