Tzuyu releases apology video for scandal

After a broadcast in which TWICE member Tzuyu was seen holding a Taiwanese flag to represent her nationality sparked controversy in China, the singer released an official apology to the People’s Republic of China. 

Since the broadcast, many Chinese nationalists have condemned Tzuyu as a traitor to China and a proponent of the Taiwanese independence movement, causing Chinese broadcasting stations to ban TWICE from all shows and Chinese netizens to start the #boycottJYP hashtag. To remedy the situation, JYP Entertainment released an official statement in an attempt to clarify the situation.

With the statement appearing to have had no affect and the situation growing out of hand, however, JYP Entertainment resorted to having the TWICE member make an official verbal apology. Tzuyu’s video apology and a translation of her message can be found below:

Hi everyone, I have something to say to everyone.

Hi everyone, I am Chou Tzuyu. Sorry, I should have came out and apologized earlier. Because I didn’t know how to face the current situation, I have been afraid to face everyone directly, so I’m only speaking out now. There is only one China. The two shores are one. I feel proud being a Chinese. I, as a Chinese, have hurt the company and netizens’ emotions due to my words and actions during overseas promotions. I feel very, very sorry and guilty. I have decided to halt all current activities in China in order to reflect seriously. Again, I apologize to everyone. Sorry.