“Unanswered Questions” Addresses NU’EST’s Chart Manipulation Controversy

“Unanswered Questions” expressed their deepest sympathies in an official statement.

SBS’s Unanswered Questions recently aired an episode regarding chart manipulation, and a mistake made on the broadcast put NU’EST in the midst of chart manipulation controversy.

The broadcast interviewed a man who found a history of music he didn’t even buy, and due to an editing error, NU’EST’s “Dejavu” was revealed to be one of the songs.

Following this error, Pledis Entertainment made a formal announcement claiming they did not engage in any illegal activity regarding chart manipulation and demanded that the show make a formal apology.

Pledis Entertainment Requests “Unanswered Questions” To Correct Mistake Shown On Broadcast

Read the official response of “Unanswered Questions” below:

During our recent episode regarding chart manipulation, we met with an informant who claimed that his email was stolen. In the mailbox of this informant, there as an email from Genie Music congratulating him on registering for 46 IDs. Furthermore, NU’EST’s “Dejavu” was included in the list of songs bought. The producers blurred out the list, but due to an error, the fact that NU’EST’s “Dejavu” was within the list was revealed.

Following the broadcast, a member of a group formed by NU’EST fans claimed that when she made a Genie account in order to buy a NU’EST song, she input a random email instead of her own, and that that email turned out to belong to the informant on the show. Their stance is that this was a mistake made by some fans who bought music using various emails and that Pledis Entertainment had nothing to do with it.

If this is true, we express our deepest sympathies for our producers’ careless editing. We also express our sympathies for the fans that use other people’s emails to buy multiple copies of songs.

Furthermore, the producers of “Unanswered Questions” would like to express that it is up to the investigative authorities to reveal the list of artists and that in their request, they will reveal the contents of the report. We are continuing to confirm reports relating to chart manipulation, and if required, follow-up broadcasts will be made.

– Unanswered Questions

Source: Naver News