“Unanswered Questions” Posts Official Apology Regarding Misunderstanding About NU’EST

They made an official apology.

SBS’s Unanswered Questions recently broadcast an episode regarding chart manipulation and made a mistake by revealing the name of a group during the show. Because of this, Pledis Entertainment requested for an apology and to fix the mistake on the broadcast for the sake of NU’EST and their image. Previously, SBS responded to the request through an initial statement expressing their deepest sympathies and that they would continue to make follow-up broadcasts regarding chart manipulation.




On January 9, SBS posted an official apology regarding this issue.

They started by explaining the situation during the interview that mistakenly showed NU’EST’s name on the show. “While shooting for this episode, we met with a man who revealed that songs were purchased using his email account. We blurred out the text but made a mistake of omitting one portion of the clip which included NU’EST W’s ‘Dejavu’.” 



NU’EST Digital Streaming Team revealed that a fan used a random e-mail to register accounts to Genie Music and that happened to be the person on the show’s e-mail address.



After checking the process, they made the decision that the statement made by fans was correct and that it was the mis-entry of the email that caused this situation. “After checking the situation based on the fans’ statement, we have concluded that they are correct.”



SBS ended with a sincere apology and made it clear that there have been no accusations of NU’EST using chart manipulation. “We sincerely apologize for causing a misunderstanding due to our mistake on the footage of the show.”




Read the full official apology below:

During our Unanswered Questions episode regarding sajaegi, we interviewed someone that revealed that music was purchased with his e-mail account. The scene showed that someone had made 46 accounts with his e-mail and purchased the same song 41 times. The production team however forgot to edit out the part that showed NU’EST’s name. After the broadcast, NU’EST Digital Streaming Team came forward and stated that fans registering for music sites used random e-mails instead of their own, and it so happened to be his e-mail that a fan used. We decided to research this news to confirm that their statement was true. After checking for two days, we came to the conclusion that the fans’ statement was correct. We sincerely apologize to NU’EST and fans and the agency for this misunderstanding. We also want to make it clear that there have been no accusations of NU’EST using chart manipulation.





They also plan to share results from their investigation regarding chart manipulation if needed.

Source: sports donga