This “Unpretty Rapstar” Rapper Shocks Everyone With Powerful Vocals on “King Of Masked Singer”

In one of the most shocking results yet on King of Masked Singer, a rising popular female rapper made an appearance and blew everyone away with her singing vocals.

Aired on October 4th, the contestant known under the guise of ‘Naratmalssami’ went up against the masked ‘Stop What You’re Doing’ to sing the song “Magic Carpet Ride.” Unfortunately, ‘Naratmalssami’ was eliminated and thus, her identity revealed.

“Naratmalssami’ was known other than Unpretty Rapstar‘s top female contestant from Season 1, Cheetah! In the past, there has been no indication that Cheetah could sing as well, making an amazing reversal on her King of Masked Singer appearance.

Not only that, she  is seen with long beautiful and curly hair, giving her a more elegant look, instead of her usual short hair which gives her a fiercer feel matching her rapper look.

After revealing her identity, Cheetah revealed that she had originally wanted to become a singer, saying, “Today I achieved that dream through ‘King of Masked Singer’ stage,” before giving an encore stage.

In the waiting room, Cheetah recalled her accident when she was 17-years old when she was hit by a bus, “I couldn’t sing and in a moment, I thought that maybe I should rap.” 

Other rappers who made an appearance on the singing show and surprised everyone with their singing vocals include Simon Dominic and Dynamic Duo’s Gaeko.

Check out her performances below!

Source: Ilgan Sports