Unseen Footage Of BTS’s Jin Having His Head Shaved Is Going Viral Following His Military Enlistment

How can a video be so sad and so hot at the same time?

December 13 was an emotional day for ARMYs worldwide after BTS‘s Jin was the first member to enlist for his mandatory military service.

BTS’s Jin | @jin/Instagram

ARMYs respected Jin’s wishes to keep the event private, but they sent their support in the sweetest way, through banners and pictures.

Things became even more real when the members of BTS posted their first OT7 picture with Jin.

The members of BTS with Jin before enlisting | @bts_twt/Twitter
| @bts_twt/Twitter

Of course, one of the first real moves that had ARMYs emotional before December 13 came when Jin shared an image of his new-shaven hairstyle.

On December 11, Jin made sure ARMYs were the first people to see his new hair, even adding that he looked cute with the new hairstyle.

BTS Jin’s first selfie after his haircut | Weverse

Well, it seems like ARMYs now have an unseen clip of the moment his hair was being cut off after a stylist shared a video online with the caption, “We will wait for you, Jin, we love you.”

In the video, the hairstylist is finishing off Jin’s style, and even though the idol seemed calm, the emotions could be seen behind his eyes.

The video posted by HYBE stylists shared on Twitter by ARMYs | @laya_rm

When the video was shared, netizens couldn’t hide their emotions, seeing the moment that it probably became real for Jin as well. However, more of them couldn’t get over how handsome Jin looked in the video, sharing that his visuals make the shaven style look amazing.

It will definitely be a hard time for both BTS and ARMYs, but Jin made the decision to enlist amidst the alleged indecisiveness from the government. It was definitely an emotional moment to see his hair go, but Jin makes everything look good!

You can read more about Jin’s shocking transformation below.

BTS’s Jin Debuts His Newly Shaved Head As He Prepares For Enlistment

Source: @laya_rm