Verbal Jint confesses he has been a fan of Taeyeon’s for years

Currently promoting with her first solo mini-album I, Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon made a guest appearance on Sunny’s FM Date where she spoke about rapper Verbal Jint.

Taeyeon’s title track “I” is currently topping the majority of digital charts in both real-time and daily ever since its release and features BrandNew Music‘s rapper Verbal Jint.

On October 8th, Verbal Jint called into the radio show to greet Taeyeon, saying, “I’m Kim Jin Tae (his birth  name) from Mapo-gu, Seoul, and I’ve listened to Taeyeon’s solo album hundreds of time.”

However, Taeyeon did not know the real identity of Verbal Jint until after he creatively identified himself by rapping his part in the track “I” after she failed to recognize him by his voice.

During the broadcast, Verbal Jint revealed that was driving somewhere and heard Taeyeon on the radio show, deciding to temporarily park at the side of the street to call in.

Taeyeon commented, “I should have been greeting you first, but the order got switched up like this,” causing Verbal Jint to add, “Although we worked on the same song, we haven’t seen each other’s face once,” adding that they were both busy with their own schedules.

Though Taeyeon traveled to New Zealand for her music video, Verbal Jint was unable to accompany her and recorded his part separately instead. The recording for the track was also done separately.

Verbal Jint then revealed he was a longtime fan of Taeyeon, saying, “I’ve been a fan since 2008,” and commented that in one of his song, “Favorite,” he would usually add the artist he liked while performing it which was usually Taeyeon.

Additionally he adds, “I stayed up till midnight for the album to be released. I saw it ranked on the digital chart as soon as it was released.”

During the same radio show, Verbal Jint revealed he was working on his own album as well.

Source: OSEN