GFRIEND Fans Furious At Verbal Jint’s Latest Song Title, He Responds Back

Verbal Jint personally responded back to the backlash.

Verbal Jint released a statement over the backlash towards his latest track from GFRIEND’s fans. 


The artist released a new song titled “Gfriend” but received a lot of question as the title is stylised similarly to the group’s English name. 


There were also explicit lyrics and sexual references in the actual track which left some fans upset. 


Verbal Jint updated his personal Instagram account with a response. 

“Hello, this is Verbal Jint.

I would like to apologize for the track I released yesterday. 

I was making an album similar to Young Thug’s album Jeffery in 2016 were the title names are of actual celebrities. And in the process of releasing a title on an already written song, I could not imagine it would offend GFRIEND and their fans. 

I apologize for failing to give you a quicker response. I will correct the song title as soon as possible. I apologize once again for those upset.” 

-Verbal Jint


The online reaction has been mixed so far… 


But many are hoping that his apology and response would put the issue to rest. 


Source: MyDaily