[★VIDEO] Apink shares heartfelt video with fans and will fulfill promise of solo concert

Girl group Apink is working on fulfilling their promise to fans with their solo concert, as revealed by the members in their latest thank you video to fans, Pink Pandas.

Apink nabbed the number one place on last week’s music shows including on SBS MTV’s The Show, KBS’s Music Bank, MBC’s Music Core, and SBS’s Inkigayo between December 1st and 7th.

With lots of cheers and happiness, Apink begins singing “congratulations” before continuing on to give their thanks.

“Because of everyone’s love and support, Apink was able to reach 1st place on the music shows. Thank you! Since ‘Mr. Chu,’ we have been receiving a lot of love from everyone including our fans, whom we are truly thankful for. It’s such a happy feeling. We were really nervous about our comeback, but the happy tears will continue to flow.”

“It’s an honor for us to be able to perform alongside our amazing seniors and juniors, and we are thankful to be receiving such amazing awards. We will continue to do our best and work hard, and show you an even better side of Apink. You all made it possible for us to receive such amazing awards.”

“Everyone, you’ve worked hard. Apink will continue to show you a better sides of ourselves on stage in the future. So, Apink should keep our promise to fans and fulfill it,” mentioning their promise that should they reach first place on music shows and charts, Apink would be holding a solo concert.

“Let’s prepare for it in a cool way!” exclaimed Chorong, while Namjoo added, “We’ll start preparing for it right away!”

With aegyo, each Apink members exit the room as they sang and made cute faces towards the camera, the ending message reading, “Thank you so much to our fans. The promise we have made with you, Apink will work hard to prepare for our solo concert!”