Video Captures The Gunfight That Nearly Killed This North Korean Escapee

The CCTV footages of the North Korean soldier escaping to the South has the whole nation shook with emotions.

The defecting soldier, whose surname’s been identified as Oh, stole a military jeep and drove down towards the DMZ border.

At the border, Oh jumped out of the Jeep and sprinted across to the South Korean territory as the North Korean guards fired with their rifles.

North Korean soldiers had even crossed over to the South Korean side as they fired at the defector.

They came to a complete halt as they didn’t know what the procedure was for this type of situation.

The infrared video showed South Korean soldiers carefully dragging the wounded Oh to safety.

The whole process shocked the nation as they witnessed the trauma he went through just to earn his freedom.

Oh is successfully healing back at a hospital in Seoul, where is he being treated for his malnutrition and wounds.

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Watch the full video of his escape below.

Source: Dispatch