[★VIDEO] EXO-K’s Suho recommends songs to listeners on “Sunny’s FM Date”

EXO-K‘s Suho, INFINITE‘s Hoya, VIXX‘s Ravi, GOT7‘s Jr, and more participated in an idol special relay on MBC’s FM4U Sunny’s FM Date, a radio show hosted by Girls’ Generation‘s Sunny.

Fans greatly anticipated the broadcasting of the episodes as the idols talked about their daily lives and the alternative sides of them. The idol stars also recommended songs on the show.

On November 10th, EXO-K’s Suho was featured in part two of MBC’s FM4U Sunny’s FM Date. During the Three Questions One Song – Idol Special, the idol had a chance to talk to some of the radio subscribers.

The fans were frenzied over Suho’s appearance on Sunny’s radio show as many commented, “It’s so cool,” “Awesome to see Suho and Sunny together,” and “Suho is too cute.

Source: Sports World