Video Footage of Taeyeon’s Car Accident Released

CCTV footage of Taeyeon’s car accident has been released through various news sources.

The footage showed the white Audi SUV and a taxi waiting for the turn signal.

Then Taeyeon’s black Mercedes Benz came crashing into the taxi, which then crashed into the Audi.

Tow trucks were called to remove the damaged cars from the scene.

And as reported, the Audi driver and the passengers from the taxi were all taken to the hospital.

Earlier reports claimed that Taeyeon’s poodle Ginger was in the car with her at the scene of the accident.

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But her dog allegedly wasn’t tied to a leash or put inside a cage.

“A dark poodle was inside Taeyeon’s passenger seat, huddled with some kind of clothes. It wasn’t tied up on a leash.”

— Witness

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Police are investigating to decide whether the poodle was there and if did anything to cause the accident.

“We haven’t confirmed whether a pet was riding in the passenger seat.

We’ve never heard of a pet being there.”

— Gangnam Police Department Representatives

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Taeyeon has since commented that she has reached out to the victims to apologize for her reckless driving.

Taeyeon Says She Apologized To Taxi Driver She Crashed Into, Other victims are not talking to her

Check out the full CCTV footage below.

Source: News Nate

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