Video of Luhan Angrily Yelling At Taxi Driver For Dangerous Sasaeng Behavior Goes Viral

A recording of former EXO member Luhan is making its rounds around the internet as it captures the actor and artist allegedly yelling at a taxi driver.

The video itself is no longer than 30-seconds long and takes place in Hengdian, a town in the city of Dongyang, Jinhua of the Zhejiang Province in China. It shows Luhan approaching a van carrying fans who are filming from the inside. Anger can be evidently heard in his voice as he yells at the driver for taking sasaeng fans’ money in order for them to follow him around as it is unsafe to do so.

According to accounts, the driver had been driving irresponsibly and may have hurt his passengers.

The incident didn’t take very long as Luhan is then shown to be pulled back by a woman and man most likely on his staff who urges back him inside his own car through the passenger door.

While some fans have praised the artist for defending fans, others have also pointed out that while he was indeed concern for their safety, he was in no way condoning their (sasaeng) actions of following him at all time as he wants privacy as well.